Tablet Section


Available in various models, named as HAV – 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48, 60 to HAV – 72, the numbers denote the diameters of the sieves in inches. It is a compact unit for easy operations with all contact parts in AISI 316 and all other parts in AISI 304. Springs amplify vibration leading to reduced electrical power & maintenance cost.

The unit can be provided with single deck, double deck or triple deck as per requirements.

Salient Features

  • Unique working principle
  • Space required is very less compared to output of machine
  • Robust structure
  • Quick & easy screen change
  • Superbly tight screen minimizes screen clogging
  • No transmitted vibrations
  • Perfectly designed vibromotor to generate synchronized vibration to work continuously
  • Choice of various anti-screen blinding devices & innovative solutions to screening problems
  • Adjustable vibration amplitude
  • No special foundation is required
  • Specially designed sifters are now available for sieve critical products

Available in STD/ GMP/ cGMP/ GAMP/     GLP/ GCP & Lab Models


Rapid Mixer Granulator

Rapid Mixer Granulators (RMG) are primarily used for tablet manufacturing process  which requires homogenous mixing, controlled granule size and at the same time assuring great reduction in processing time. These apart, cGMP models demand utmost hygiene standard that can only be achieved on RMG.

Working Principle & Construction
The bowl has a flat circular base and the diameter of the bowl at the mid-region is comparatively larger in size, gradually tapering off towards the top in the shape of a cone. This particular configuration helps in proper mixing of cohesive powders.

Cohesive powders tend to develop lumps during the mixing process, and are taken care of by a high speed granulator (chopper). This chopper is horizontally inserted through the bowl at side of the bowl bottom to break the lumps thus formed and blend the powder with great effectiveness.

Spinning of material close to the bottom of the mixing bowl and chopper blade sets the entire mixing process in whirling and tumbling motion. Different types of chopper blades are provided for different application. Granulating blades rotate at very high speed of about 2800-3000 rpm for intense mixing.

GMP models are constructed with SS 316 quality. Electrical control panel consisting of switchgears, fuses, motor starter, push buttons, ammeters, indicating lamps, pressure switch etc. is enclosed in stainless sheet metal panel and mini PLC that shows operation in progress in MIMIC.

Models available to handle 10 kg. batch to 1000 kg. of product.


The mill can be used widely for wet & dry granulation, pulverization etc. in various type of applications, such as Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Dyes, Colours, Food Products, Spices, Detergents, Insecticides, Plastics & Resins, Fertilizers etc.

Working Principle
It is a self-contained portable unit, which is used for a wide range of dry & wet granulating, pulverizing, mixing, shredding and chopping etc. at a high speed. The unit consists of AISI 304/316 quality hopper, processing chamber & hammer blades, suitable screen, reversible switch, DOL starter, four-speed arrangement, container & pillar mounted on base plate with castor wheels for easy mobility. It operates on the working principle of variable force that swing the beaters having both knife & impact edges, rotating within a selected screen to get the desired size reduction.

The material is to be charged into the hopper when it moves into the periphery of the screen with the help of the knife & impact edges.  The material passes through the screen, radially & tangentially, thus avoiding the choking of material in the chamber & rise in temperature. The processed material gets collected in the collection container below the screen chamber.

Salient Features

  • Multi Mill is a sturdy, economical & maintenance free machine
  • The machine is designed for continuous operation
  • All contact parts can be easily & quickly dismantled & cleaned
  • Flame Proof electrical components can also be provided
  • Multi Mill without belt drive i.e. with direct drive, is also available with VFE Drive
  • S.S. Perforated Screens that can be provided
    (a) 0.5, 1.0, 1.5mm Hole Dia
    (b) 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Hole Dia etc
  • S.S. Wire Mesh Sieve
    (a) 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 30, 40, 50, 60
    (b) 80, 100 Mesh
  • Castor wheels are provided for easy mobility
  • Direction of beater can be changed by reversible switch for knife edge & vice versa
  • Available in STD / GMP / cGMP / GAMP / GLP / GCP & Lab Models
  • Beaters / scraper blades are hardened for specific application




Product Description
The Co Mill is used for a wide range of products and applications. It can be used for mixing and dispersing, size reducing, separating and bulk density adjustment.

The typical particle size distribution (PSD) is tightly contained with the 1 mm Sieve to 0.25 mm Sieve range (18 mesh to 120 mesh), depending on the screen and impeller choices. Traditional milling technologies do not have the same control over the PSD resulting in more fines & thus causing more of dust whereas in a Co Mill the fines generated are much lesser & no dustings of materials thus giving a better and efficient milling results.

Benefits & Highlights

Low speed design allowing for inherently gentle action on the product resulting in optimum particle granularity, low heat, low noise, minimal fines, consistent, high quality end product, can be used on heat sensitive products, high capacities, can be flood fed, fully customizable to many different applications and process stream

As compared to other Milling Equipment as follows:

  • The Output in Co Mill is very near to the size of the sieve used approx 80% – 90% where as in Multi Mill it is 1/3 of the sieve used.
  • The Fines generated are on a lower side as compared to other mills.
  • Heat generation in Co Mill is comparatively very low as it works as forced pressure.
  • Other Mills have more of dusting as compared to Co Mill.
  • Drive element is reduced in Co Mill as it is direct driven.
  • Output in Co Mill is more than in other mills.
  • Design is flexible as per your requirement.
  • Design is suitable for dry as well as wet milling.


  • Granulation of dry powders for tablet manufacture bulk density fine tuning sizing
  • Uniform sizing of wet granulation in tablet manufacturing
  • Lump-free homogeneous blending to precise size requirements
  • Reducing  difficult, sticky,  heat-sensitive agglomerates into pieces, crumbs or powders of uniform size, continuously without excessive heat build-up or screen blockage


The unit is used for blending the most delicate & fragile free flow products like powder or granules in 10 to 20 minutes. It is also the best way to mix very heavy & abrasive products the range of products includes colour, plastic, flour, drugs, pharmaceuticals, metal powders, minerals, fibers & many other.

Working Principle
It is revolved over and over, moving the products in & out of the constricted octagonal areas. This causes multiple folding action that ensure a thorough blending of all the ingredients in the batch.

The result is a homogeneous blend regardless of particle size distribution, particle shape or density with a great efficiency.

Special Features

  • Less energy consumption
  • Hygienic design-smooth interior for GMP/cGMP cleaning
  • Short cycle times
  • In-line helical gear drive provided for better efficiency for power consumption

Capacity Available: 25 Ltr to 3000 Ltr.



Fluid Bed Dryers (FBD) are primarily used in almost all chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dyestuff and other process industries to dry materials by fluidization with hot and / or dehumidified air, which creates a turbulence in the wet product (not totally liquid) while flowing through it.

Working Principle
The atmospheric air is sucked in the dryer through 5/10 micron filter by efficient dynamically balanced fan driven by an electric motor.
The clean air then passes over the electric heaters / steam or radiator provided with controller. The hot air passes through the product and fluidization dries the product. Dryer is provided with dehumidifier (Chilled water system) at the inlet so as to dry the product at low temperature under fluidized condition. The blower speed is controlled by AC frequency drive so as to control the fluidization avoiding choking of the filter bag. A raking system is provided to avoid lump formation in the container to achieve uniform fluidization and uniform drying. A model with complete automation and PLC, automatic bag shaking and with MIMIC is also offered.

The drying time depends on various factors such as physical properties of material, moisture content, type of moisture (free or inherent or water of crystallization), drying temperature etc. For example, the crystalline product can be dried faster than amorphous product containing same percentage of moisture at same temperature.

Salient Features
Machine and the trolley are made in SS-316 construction. The lifting jack is housed in the inlet lower chamber (part of the main shell). It is of Stainless Steel 316 quality and is lined with neoprene grade rubber of suitable hardness for sealing with the product container.

The lifting jack is fitted with a pneumatic lifting device, which consists of 2 numbers pneumatic cylinders along with control valves, pressure regulating device and air filter. Air pressure requirement is 4 kg/cm2.

The expansion chamber has a guide for positioning the product container.

The filter bag chamber is made from Stainless Steel sheets of 316 quality. The filter bag can be de-dusted manually or pneumatically.

The air inside is circulated by the blower. It has an impeller with a backward curve type blade and the construction of which is 304. The impeller has a S.S. casting and is driven by Flame Proof or Non Flame Proof Motor.

The dryer is Electrical/Steam Heated as desired. Heaters are of S.S. finned tubes tested to 6 kg/cm2 pressure.

Special Features

  • Mono Block construction. It is the latest innovation in the FBD design and conforms to GMP-Standards
  • Complete S.S. construction
  • One spare FBD Bowl with S.S. Trolley
  • Pneumatic lifting arrangement of product container with air filter and control valve
  • Automatic Pneumatic Shaking system of Bags with timers
  • Radiator made out of S. S. tube with fins in a S .S. enclosure
  • Solid flow-monitor to warn against any leak of powder through filter bag
  • The blower can be offered in S.S. construction
  • Air-filter housing in S.S. construction
  • Excess pressure flap is provided as a safety against built up pressure inside the shell


We are leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Auto Coater.

High efficiency and intelligent film Coating Technique.

The HAV’s new AUTO Coater is advanced high efficiency automated coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industries. Featuring mechatronics and confirming to the requirement of cGMP. It is high efficiency energy saving, safe and clean equipment for film coating of tablet, pills and candies with organic film, sugar film etc.

Working Principal of Auto Coater:

The Tablet to be coated make continuous complicated orbital motion the closed rotating Drum under the action of a Streamline of Baffles. During the motion coating medium automatically sprays according to the technological process and rational technological parameters, at the same time hot filtered air supplied under a negative pressure. The hot air penetrates through the tablet core layers, so that the coating medium sprayed on the surface of the tablet cores will dry rapidly and evenly, thus forming a solid and smooth surface film on tablet. The whole process is finished under the control of PLC.


Most of the users are from Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Dyestuff, Textile, Food, Automobiles & many other industries.
The tray dryers are heated by means of electrical, steam or oil/ gas fired burners. HAV  dryers are specially designed to have better efficiency than any other dryers available from other tray dryer manufacturers.

The dryer cabinet is designed in such a way that the airflow inside the dryer has minimum resistance. Internal surfaces of the dryer are made with well-rounded corners with maximum angle so as to offer least resistance to airflow, resulting in less pressure drop across the corners. The outer body is also fabricated with rounded edges without steps from outside to have smooth finish. The inside fan & radiator / heaters are covered with SS / GI mesh to have safety in operation. The drying oven model having MS body from outside & SS body inside is provided with 150 mm SS collar around the door.

The shafts of circulation fan, the inlets & outlets of the radiator coil are sealed by food grade sealing pads which stops the leakage of hot air from the drying cabinet.

Leakages increase drying time of the product inside the trays of the dryer & in some cases cause the air contamination of air inside the dryer. Thus sealing helps to save the energy of drying process.

The inlet (suction) of the dryer is provided with 10 micron filter to avoid air contamination. The exhaust of the dryer is provided with either manual or motorized operated damper and can be operated precisely for various positions of the damper from the main control panel board.

The outer body is also polished to 180-220 grit finish with step-less body for GMP model tray dryers.

Economy models of Tray Dryer the inside SS sheets are of 18-swg, AISI 304/316, tag welded & mirror finished, while for the GMP models the inside of the dryers are made of either 14-16 swg thick sheet fully welded from inside and polished to mirror finish. Material of Construction.

The dryer are manufactured in various combinations according to the requirement & the products to be dried. For example:

  • AISI 304 inside or AISI 316 on the outside
  • AISI 316 on both inside and outside
  • AISI 304 or AISI 316 inside and M.S outside
  • Sheet thickness as per customers’ specifications

The doors of the dyers are provided with groove & with hollow “D” shaped food grade Silicon / Neoprene gasket to have leakage proof door. The locks are either ball catch or bolt type lock arrangement.

All the dryers are provided with necessary control panel boards. The dyers are supplied with either FLP or NON-FLP controls & drives.

Air Circulation
Air in the dryer is circulated by means of fan fitted on the side of the dryer. The fans are made out of AISI 304 / 316 or MS with SS / MS / EN8 shafts driven by suitable motors. The shafts are well balanced dynamically & are provided with balancing test certificates.

Tray sizes of 32” X 16” X 11/4” or 32” X 16” X 2” are manufactured out of 16/18/19 swg., AISI 304 / 316 or PP material. All the corners are rounded without any gap. The 18- swg trays are with bidding from the top, while 16- swg trays come without bidding, and are used for all GMP model tray dryers. The trays are polished to mirror finish. The trays with perforation are also supplied for bottle or vial dryers.

These are manufactured from heavy gauge rectangular pipes & SS angle with cross supports from at the back. The trolleys are provided with SS brackets & wheels, or PU wheels with S.S. brackets or CI castors as required. The front of the trolley is provided with pulling handles. The wheels are 2 nos. fixed & 2 nos. swivel type. The trolleys are also supplied in MS with heat resistant paint.

We supply the dryers with following sizes, which are standard model while the non-standard dryers are also designed and supplied as per requirement.

Unique HAV Features
HAV has its own continuous R & D program to supply better-designed drying system. Our clients in pharmaceutical industries in particular have experienced in the recent past various problems while drying specific products, as per US-FDA requirements. The standard tray dryers have circulation fans, mesh guards, partitions etc inside the drying cabinet itself, which are cumbersome in maintaining the clean operation & avoid contamination.

HAV has, therefore, designed a dryer suitable for cGMP requirement wherein main body of the dryer is generally mounted on the floor while the heating arrangement with HEPA filter and other pre-filters are mounted on the top floor or the adjacent room. The hot air inlet pipe is brought in the room with insulation & cladding & fixed on the dryer from the top-side of the drying unit. The hot air pipe is connected in such a way that the air gets equally distributed all over the chamber and the same is exhausted from the opposite side, but from the top of the dryer.

The body of the dryer is designed is such a way that the side wall of the dryer on which the air from the pipe hits, is tapered towards bottom with specific angle & same is on the opposite side. Thus the uniform distribution of the air inside the chamber is maintained by adjusting the damper of the exhaust. The exhaust of the dryer is also provided with a fine filter, which prevents any foreign particles entering from outside atmosphere at low pressure.  The exhaust pipe is fixed at the top of dryer & in the opposite side of the inlet pipe & is insulated with SS cladding. The temperature is controlled by pneumatically or electrically actuated,  steam controlled valve with I/P converter & PID controller.

HAV also supplies dryer with force circulation for the standard tray by providing blower at the inlet. The dryer is supplied with electrical as well as steam heating arrangement in the same dryer according to the requirement.