Ointment / Cream Manufacturing Plant

Automatic ointment/cream manufacturing plant is for the manufacturing of ointment & cream.



Description: We are amongst the reputed manufacturers and exporters of Ointment Manufacturing Plant. Designed to perfection, the plant is extensively used for manufacturing Pharmaceutical, ointments, cream, sterile preparations, cosmetic, suspensions and gels. For optimum performance, the plant is provided with water phase vessels, main manufacturing vessel and pre-mixing wax. For emulsifying, the main vessel is provided with bottom high-speed homogenizer and slow speed anchor agitator for mixing. Salient Features :

  • Complete Untouched Process, consisting of wax phase, water phase, manufacturing vessel & storage vessel.
  • Hydraulic power pack for lid lifting.
  • Homogeniser mounted from bottom.
  • PLC based control panel.
  • Load cell for online weighing.
  • Lower maintenance cost as no moving components used.
  • Special contra-rotary type anchor with blades.
  • Interconnected pipeline upto the storage tank
  • Available from 100 kgs to 500 kgs.
  • Also available closed type dished lid.

Ointment manufacturing plants or cream manufacturing plants consists of the following: 1. Wax heating Vessel 2. Water Melting Vessel 3. Manufacturing vessel 4. Storage vessel 5. Interconnecting pipeline 6. Inline Homogenizer 7. Pumps ( Bump Pump & metering pumps) 8. Integrated automatic control panel. 9. Working Platform. GENERAL All vessels of the cream manufacturing plants and ointment manufacturing plants are manufactured from S.S. 316 grade stainless steel sheets and are cGMP compliant construction. The vessels are Jacketed, insulated, cladded and with suitable agitator assembly in each vessel. Wax is melted in Wax melting vessel, Water is heated in water heating vessel. Both wax and water are transferred into the manufacturing vessel automatically through vacuum. In manufacturing vessel both wax and water are homogenized to make a uniform emulsion and cooled by passing chilled water into the jacket of manufacturing vessel. After the emulsion is formed active ingredients / colors etc are added and are thoroughly mixed & homogenized. Later necessary perfume is added in case of cosmetics or wherever necessary. Ointment / Cream is ready. The same is transferred by bump pump into the storage vessel and from the storage vessel it is automatically transferred into the filling machine by means of metering pump. Flow rate of Metering pump can be set as per your tube filling machines speed and capacity.




Applications (For Dry & Dough Mixing) HAV Planetary Mixer is an ideal mixer for the products of different viscosities, densities, shapes & proportions. The major uses include the production of latexes, adhesive, personal care & cleansing products, dispersion & micro-dispersion of chemical & agricultural pesticide formulations. It is suitable for mixing/ blending powders as well as thorough mixing of ointments, creams, lotions, toothpastes, resins, slurries, ceramics, colors, pigments, rubber & other compounds.

Working Principle HAV Planetary Mixer consists of a single or double blade with a high speed dispersion blade (Emulsifier / Homogenizer). Intimate & homogeneous mixing of products is achieved by planetary motion of beaters & centrally located high speed dispersion blade for vacuum jacketed mixer units. The PLM consists of two open beaters moving in planetary motion, scraper blade & centrally located high speed homogenizer run by a separate motor to manufacture ointments, creams, suspensions etc

Emulsifier / Homogenizer It is a stator-rotor high shear mixer. High speed, high shear & higher power are the main characteristics of this stator-rotor mixing device. The high shear action creates a forced product flow. The interchangeability of homogenizer blades is possible to suit the mixing requirements of various products. They are used in many process operations like Homogenization, Dispersion, Emulsification, Grinding, Dissolving, Chemical reaction, Cell disruption & Coagulation.

PLM is also used for blending, mixing & homogenizing powders of various bulk densities by rectangular shaped or heart shaped (smaller sized mixers) beaters.

Salient Features

  • All contact parts-AISI-304, 304L or 316L
  • Jacketed bowls can be provided for heating/ cooling of products during mixing
  • Bowl mounted on castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Provision to mix products under vacuum for de-aeration purpose
  • Mechanical seal is provided instead of stuffing box for shaft sealing for vacuum operation
  • Teflon scrappers are provided to avoid localized heating or cooling & ensure uniform mixing
  • Top drive & agitator assembly can be lifted & lowered by motorized as well as hydraulic systems
  • Smaller version of Planetary Mixer is provided with a lifting arrangement for the bowl instead of top drive & agitator assembly
  • Pneumatic system is also available for lifting & lowering top drive & agitator assembly for smaller version of Planetary Mixers
  • Flame-proof control panel offered as an option
  • Spare bowl is provided so that maximum production can be achieved without losing production time. Thus the maximum utilization of the basic machine is possible for the regular production


  • Different designs of beaters are available to suit the mixing requirements of wide variety of materials
  • Single beater has a planetary motion such that it reaches all parts of the bowl and double blades continuously push the materials along the periphery of the bowl, removing materials from the bowl surface and bringing it to the interior
  • Higher shear and local energy dissipation
  • Dispersing low density solids
  • Requires comparatively smaller area for installation
  • A separate control panel with mimic
  • Specially designed pressure plate with double grooved and “O” rings for discharging highly viscous products by hydraulic system with Power pack units
  • Water heating system, or thermal fluid (oil) heating system can be provided
  • The laboratory model of the PLM mixer with Homogenizer is also available in batch sizes of 2 lits. to 5 lits  with various  types of mixing blades
  • The Lab model units are available for bench mounting, or they may be supplied on a stainless steel trolley
  • A number of options such as vacuum pump, heating and cooling systems etc. can be provided