Filling Section

Automatic / Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine:

Product Speed                            :                          Upto 35 – 40 tubes/min
Filling Range                                :                          3cc to 250cc with the help of change parts
Tube Dia                                        :                          12-50mm(Min – Max)


General Description

  • This Machine is single head Pneumatic operated machine. It has facility to fill plastic and lamy tubes. It is pneumatic operated through Techno components. There are nine station in this machine.
  • First station is for manual tube loading,
  • second station is for I mark registration (Optional) through I mark sensor
  • third station is for filling where cylinder lifts the tube to fill and tube fill through nozzle then cylinder take back the tube,
  • there is also a sensor for no tube no filling.
  • Fourth station is for heating the tube through Hot air technology (Leister make),
  • Fifth station is for Seal the tube and embossing through batch code letter,
  • Sixth station is for trimming the tube.
  • Seventh station is for ejecting  the tube.
  • Eight and Nine station is Empty .
  • The machine runs through indexing with 1HP Motor and Gearbox (Rotomotive).This machine is rotary type machine with the alluminium disk(Dia.600mm) with Nine hole of 60mm.The hopper of machine is  single wall hopper. All the contact parts are made from SS 316.

Technical Specification:

Indexing Mechanism: Stepper Motor

Speed                                           : 35 – 40 tubes per min.

Hopper                                        : Single wall hopper make of SS316

Filling                                           : Pneumatically Operated through  Techno Components

No tube no fill                           : Electronic sensor

Heating                                       : Hot air tool Leister make

Tail Cutting                                : Pneumatically Operated through  Techno Components

Sealing/Batch Coding           : Pneumatically Operated through  Techno Components/ Batch code letter

Cutting/ Trimming                 : Pneumatically Operated through  Techno/ Components

Ejecting                                     : Pneumatically Operated through  Techno Components

Other scope of supply        : The machine will be supplied with one set of change parts to perform one fill size For any other Fill size extra change parts will be required and that will cost extra.

PLC                                             : ABB / ULTRATRONICS


Utilities Required :
1.Water  at 15 Degree Celsius,5-6 Ltr/Min
2.Compressed air @ 6KG/cm2,15cfm
3.Power Supply-3 Phase380- 415V,4.5 kw