Capsule Section

Automatic Capsule Filling

Fully automatic encapsulation machine. Encapsulation is the filling of empty capsule with the desired drug. It is done using tamping principle. In this the powder formulation is formed into a slug, which is delivered to the body of capsules. This machine can fills hard gelatin capsules with powder, granules, and pellets.

The machine is designed to give varied output range of 50,000 to 72,000 capsules per hour with high filling accuracy & can accommodate capsule size from ‘0’ to ‘5’

This machine is productivity enhancing machine, which is handled by one operator.

Salient Features:

  • Compact design to meet cGMP standard
  • Filled weight accuracy +/ 2%
  • Total PLC controlled machine
  • Quick & easy changeover with help of standard gauges provided with machine
  • Flow of powder and empty capsules is maintained through PLC
  • Individual air control for faulty & filled capsules